Unit Models O Gauge


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
UM O-001Dolgoch style water tank (boxed) 12.99 RELEASED 
UM O-003NG Buffer Stop 3.49 RELEASED 
UM O-011Switching Pilot 1 4.38 NEW 2018 
UM O-021Oil drums (2) 2.49 RELEASED 
UM O-021POil drums (Painted) 3.99 RELEASED 
UM O-022Open oil drums (2) 2.49 RELEASED 
UM O-022POpen oil drums (2) (Painted) 3.99 RELEASED 
UM O-023PBrazier (1) Painted 3.99 RELEASED 
UM O-024Pig Iron Load 20T 4.99 NEW 2018 
UM O-025Packing cases 1 2.99 RELEASED 
UM O-025PPacking cases 1 (Painted) 4.49 RELEASED 
UM O-026Tiles/slates piles 1 2.99 RELEASED 
UM O-028Milk Churns 3.99 RELEASED 
UM O-028PMilk LoadChurns (Painted) 4.99 RELEASED 
UM O-035Relay cabinet 1 2.99 RELEASED 
UM O-035PRelay cabinet 1 (Painted) 4.49 RELEASED 
UM O-036Pot bellied stove 3.49 RELEASED 
 UM O-036PPot bellied stove (Painted) 4.99 RELEASED 
UM O-050Fan & Vent 2.50 RELEASED 
UM O-050PFan & Vent (Painted) 3.75 NEW 2018 
UM O-051Roof vent 1 1.99 RELEASED 
UM O-051PRoof vent 1 (Painted) 3.49 RELEASED 
UM O-060Pig Iron Load 2 (Small) 4.49 NEW 2018 
UM O-070O-9 Open Body Wagon Body Kit 3.99 RELEASED 
UM O-071O-9 Flat Wagon Body Kit 3.99 RELEASED 
UM O-072O-9 Box Van Body Kit 4.99 RELEASED 
UM O-073O-9 Mine Tub Body Kit 3.99 RELEASED 
UM O-074O-9 Tool Van Body Kit 4.99 RELEASED 
UM O-075O-9 Low Sided Wagon Body Kit 4.99 RELEASED 
UM O-076O-9 Bolster Wagon Body Kit 4.99 RELEASED 
UM O-077O-9 Tank Wagon Body Kit 5.99 RELEASED 
UM O-078O-9 Bulkhead Flat Body Kit 4.99 RELEASED 
UM O-080O-9 Battery Loco Body Kit 27.99 RELEASED 
UM O-081O-9 Diesel Loco Body Kit 29.99 RELEASED 
 UM O-090Coal Load for O-070 1.49 RELEASED 
 UM O-090PCoal Load for O-070 Painted 2.49 RELEASED 
 UM O-091Coal Load for O-073 1.49 RELEASED 
 UM O-091PCoal Load for O-073 Painted 1.49 RELEASED 
UM O-101PPlatelayers Hut Painted (3D Print) 14.99 SEP 2018 
UM O-102PCoal Office Painted (3D Print) 17.99 SEP 2018 
UM O-103PSleeper Built Buffer Stop Painted (3D Print) 9.99 SEP 2018 
 UM O-104PGirder Coal Staithe Painted (3D Print) 24.99 SEP 2018 
UM O-105PCorrugated Lamp Hut Painted (3D Print) 12.99 SEP 2018 

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