Tamiya (kits) Modelling Accessories


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
 TAM 2997001Spare Saw Blade For 74024 2.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 699011.5Mm Bit For Modellers Punch 6.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 699022.5Mm Bit For Modellers Punch 6.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 699033.5Mm Bit For Modellers Punch 6.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73004Display Case C 1/24 Cars 18.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73005Display Case D 1/12 Bikes 22.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73007Display Case F 350X160X140 41.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73012Display Case J - Dome Type 8.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73014Display Case L Ltd 159.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73018Display Case N With Base For 1/350 164.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 730191/350 Case & Base 824X164X237Mm 245.00 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73020Display Case P For 1/20 Modern F1 29.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73021Display Base Large 300X160Mm 5.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 73022Display Base Small 148X108Mm 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74001Side Cutter Pliers For Plastic 27.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74002Long Nose Pliers W/Cutter 23.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74003Angled Tweezers 9.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74004Straight Tweezers 7.25 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74005Curved Scissors 13.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74006(+) Philips Screwdriver No.2 L 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74007(+) Philips Screwdriver No.1 M 4.25 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74016Tamiya Basic Tool Set 22.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 74017Paint Stirrer (2) 4.25 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74023Builder'S 8 Pc Screwdriver Set 19.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74024Modeling Razor Saw 17.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74031Decal Scissors 16.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74034Needle Nose Pliers W/Cutter 29.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74035Sharp Pointed Side Cutter Pliers 34.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74047Hg Angled Tweezers 14.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74048Hg Straight Tweezers 14.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74049Basic Drill Set 12.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74050Fine Pin Vise D (0.1~3.2Mm) 17.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74051Fine Pin Vise S (0.1~1.0Mm) 10.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 74052Decal Tweezers 15.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 74057Portable Tool Set For Drilling 10.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74058Modeling File/Flat 16Mm 24.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74059Modeling File/Flat 10Mm 18.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74060Micro Hammer With 4 Heads 17.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74061Non Scratch Pliers 30.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74062Modeling File Half Round 15Mm 24.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74063Modeling File Half Round 10Mm 18.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74064Work Stand W/Magnifying Lens 99.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74065Non Scratch Long Nose Pliers 23.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 74066Diamond File For Photo Etch 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74067Bending Plier For Photo Etched 24.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 74068Modeling Scissors For Etch Parts 17.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74069Modelling File Flat 6Mm 17.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74071Modelling File Round 3Mm 17.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74073H.C. File Pro / Half Round 7.5Mm 29.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74076Cutting Mat 16.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74077Paint Jar Stand 22.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74078Anti Static Brush 19.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74079Portable Photo Studio 159.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74080Craft Tweezers 15.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74084Mini Bending Pliers For Photo Etch Parts 24.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74085R/C Tool Set (8Pc) 29.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74086Modeling Drill Chuck 29.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74087Drill Bit 1.2Mm 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74088Nut Driver 4Mm / 4.5Mm 15.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 74091Plastic Scriber Ii [Replaces 74015] 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74093Modellers Side Cutter 12.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74094Photo Etched Craft Saw 9.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74102Hg Reverse Action Angled Tweezers 17.25 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74103Hg Reverse Action Straight Tweezers 17.25 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74104Basic File Set Smooth Double Cut 5.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74106Pro File - Flat - 6Mm Width 32.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74107Pro File - Round 3Mm Diameter 32.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74108Hg Angled Tweezers - Round Tip 14.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74109Hg Straight Tweezers - Round Tip 14.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74111Handy Craft Saw Ii 8.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74112Fine Pin Vise D-R 0.1-3.2Mm 17.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74113Fine Pivot Bit 0.2Mm Shank 1Mm 6.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74114Fine Pivot Bit 0.3Mm Shank 1Mm 5.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74115Fine Pivot Bit 0.4Mm Shank 1Mm 5.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74116Fine Pivot Bit 0.5Mm Shank 1Mm 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74117Bending Tweezers For Photo Etch Parts 15.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74119(+) Screwdriver Pro (M) 8.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74120(+) Screwdriver Pro (L) 10.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74121(+) Screwdriver Pro 7.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74122Modellers Punch 2Mm/3Mm 23.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74124Plastic & Soft Metal Scissors 21.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74125Precision Screwdriver Pro 10.75 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74126Hc File Pro / Half Round 5Mm 28.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74127Fine Pivot Bit 0.6Mm Shank 1Mm 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74128Fine Pivot Bit 0.7Mm Shank 1Mm 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74129Plastic / Soft Metal Side Cutter 29.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 74142Cutting Mat A5 Blue 7.99 N/A NEW 2018 
TAM 74522Painting Stand Set 19.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 74528Alligator Clip For 74522 X 4 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74550Airbrush Cleaning Brush (Extra-Fine) 5.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74551Airbrush Cleaning Brush (Standard) 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 74554Air Compressor Anti Vibration Mat 6.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87003Tamiya Liquid Cement 40Ml 2.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87009Finishing Abrasives Mid 2.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87010Finishing Abrasives Fine 2.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87013Flat Brush No.5 2.10 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87014Flat Brush No.3 1.75 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87015Flat Brush No.0 1.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87016Pointed Brush (Medium) 1.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87017Pointed Brush (Small) 1.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87018H.G. Pointed Brush (M) 6.35 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87019H.G. Pointed Brush (S) 5.25 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87024Finishing Abrasives Extra Fine 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87028Flat Brush No.01 1.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87029Blunt Brush S 1.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87030Masking Tape 6Mm 4.35 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87031Masking Tape 10Mm 4.60 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87032Masking Tape 18Mm 6.40 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87033Masking Tape Refill 6Mm 1.65 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87034Masking Tape Refill 10Mm 2.15 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87035Masking Tape Refill 18Mm 3.10 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87038Tamiya Extra Thin Cement 40Ml 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87045High Finish Flat Brush No.02 4.10 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87046High Finish Flat Brush No.0 4.10 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87047High Finish Flat Brush No.2 4.85 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87048High Finish Pointed Brush (Ultra Fine) 4.10 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87049High Finish Pointed Brush (Fine) 4.10 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87050High Finish Pointed Brush (Small) 4.10 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87063Masking Tape 40 Mm 4.60 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87066Modelling Brush Basic Set 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87067Modelling Brush Hf Standard Set 8.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87079Weathering Pastel-Sand & Light Sand 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87080Weathering Pastel-Snow,Soot Rust  7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87081Weathering Stick - Mud 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87082Weathering Stick - Snow 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87083Weathering Sponge Brush (Med) 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87084Weathering Sponge Brush (Fine) 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87085Weathering Pastel - Rust/Gun Metal/Silver 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87086Weathering Stick - Sand 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87087Weatering Stick - Light Earth 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87088Weathering Pastel - Burnt Blue/Red & Oil S 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87093Finishing Abrasive P240 X 3 1.75 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87094Finishing Abrasive P320 X 3 1.75 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87098Weathering Master E Set Brush Effect Y/G/G 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87103Cotton Swab Round Xtra Small X50 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87104Cotton Swab Round Small X50 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87105Cotton Swab Triangular X Small X50 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87106Cotton Swab Triangular Small X50 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87107Cotton Swab Round Medium X50 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87112Craft Spatula For Texture Paints 2.50 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87124Pipette Set 4.50 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 8712515 Well Palette X 5 4.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87126Weathering Master G For Figures 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87127Weathering Master H For Figures 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87129Masking Sheet 1 Mm Grid X 5 6.50 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87130Masking Sheet Plain X 5 6.25 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87144Fine Lapping Film Polishing Abrasive X 3 6.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87147Sanding Sponge Sheet 400 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87148Sanding Sponge Sheet 600 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87149Sanding Sponge Sheet 1000 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87150Sanding Sponge Sheet 1500 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87153Hg Pointed Brush U Fine 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87154Hg Pointed Brush X Fine 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87155Hg Pointed Brush Fine 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87156Hg Pointed Brush Small 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87157Hg Flat Brush X Small 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87158Hg Flat Brush Small 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87161Sanding Sponge 180 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87162Sanding Sponge 240 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87163Sanding Sponge 320 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87164Masking Tape W/Plastic Sheeting 550Mm 7.25 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87165Diorama Material Sheet (Stone Paving A) 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87166Diorama Material Sheet (Stone Paving B) 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87167Diorama Material Sheet (Stone Paving C) 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87168Diorama Material Sheet (Brickwork) 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87169Diorama Material Sheet (Gray-Colored Brick 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87170Sanding Sponge Sheet 2000 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87171Sanding Sponge Sheet 3000 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87172Pro Ii Pointed Brush U Fine 14.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87173Pro Ii Pointed Brush X Fine 15.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87174Pro Ii Pointed Brush Fine 16.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 87175Pro Ii Pointed Brush Small 17.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87177Masking Tape For Curves 2Mm 4.25 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87178Masking Tape For Curves 3Mm 4.25 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87179Masking Tape For Curves 5Mm 4.25 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87182Extra Thin Cement Quick Set 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87184Masking Tape For Curves 12Mm 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
TAM 87191Fine Lapping Film # 2000 X 3 6.99 N/A NEW 2018 
TAM 87192Polishing Compound Sponges 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
 TAM 9804726Spare Saw Blade Set For 74111 4.50 N/A RELEASED 

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