Teamsters Price List


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
TEA 1370057Street Series Assorted 3.99 7CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1370061Hi Speed Train 5.65 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1370063Tank Engine Loco 5.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1370104Tank Engine & Carriage (Various Colours) 5.49 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1370163Transporter & Tank 6.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1370180Classic Bus 3.99 1:38 RELEASED 
TEA 1370195Recovery Tow Truck & Volvo Estate Car 5.49 1:32 RELEASED 
TEA 1370221City Bus and Taxi (Bus = 160mm) 4.99 160MM RELEASED 
TEA 1370231AAmbulance (Emergency Response) 4.99 1:35 RELEASED 
TEA 1370231BVolvo 4x4 Police Car (Emergency Response) 4.99 1:35 RELEASED 
TEA 1370231CVolvo Estate Police Car(Emergency Response 4.99 1:35 RELEASED 
TEA 1370235Transporter & Apache Helicopter 3.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1370239Fire Engine 5.49 1:43 RELEASED 
TEA 1370242AParamedic Car (Emergency 4x4) 2.99 1:60 RELEASED 
TEA 1370242BFire & Rescue Car (Emergency 4x4) 2.99 1:60 RELEASED 
TEA 1370242CPolice Car (Emergency 4x4) 2.99 1:60 RELEASED 
TEA 1370244ASkip Truck (City Trucks) 3.99 1:56 RELEASED 
TEA 1370244BRoad Cleaning Truck (City Trucks) 3.99 1:56 RELEASED 
TEA 1370244CRefuse Truck (City Trucks) 3.99 1:56 RELEASED 
TEA 1370246BCity Coach - Traveller - Dk Blue/Lt Blue 3.99 18CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1370246RCity Coach - Express Line - Red 3.99 18CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1370246WCity Coach - Airport - White/Dk Blue 3.99 18CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1370247Combat Transporter 4.49 1:60 RELEASED 
TEA 1372242Rescue Team (Fire Engine & Ambulance)72mm 2.99 75MM EACH RELEASED 
TEA 1372245GForklift Truck - Green 2.99 1:35 RELEASED 
TEA 1372245OForklift Truck - Orange 2.99 1:35 RELEASED 
TEA 1372245YForklift Truck - Yellow 2.99 1:35 RELEASED 
TEA 1372247GQuad bike (green) with sheep and bale 2.99 10CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372247RQuad bike (red) with sheep and bale 2.99 10CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372247YQuad bike (yellow) with sheep and bale 2.99 10CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372251Land Rover Defender & Livestock Trailer Green 5.99 1:43 RELEASED 
TEA 1372300BCTractor (blue) with cattle trailer 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372300BMTractor (blue) with milk tanker trailer 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372300GCTractor (green) with cattle trailer 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372300GMTractor (green) with milk tanker trailer 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372300RCTractor (red) with cattle trailer 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372300RMTractor (red) with milk tanker trailer 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372302Tractor c/w Front Shovel (Various Colours) 2.79 28CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372304Cattle Truck (Various Colours) 2.49 28CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372481Land Rover Defender (asst Green / Silver) 4.99 1:43 RELEASED 
TEA 1372481GLand Rover Defender Green 4.99 1:43 RELEASED 
TEA 1372481SLand Rover Defender Silver 4.99 1:43 RELEASED 
TEA 13724824x4 Car & Caravan (Asst Cols) 3.99 1:60 RELEASED 
TEA 1372645Track Racers 2.49 1:64 RELEASED 
TEA 1372646FEmergency Quad - Fire 2.49 100MM RELEASED 
TEA 1372646PEmergency Quad - Police 2.49 100MM RELEASED 
TEA 1372647AFire Engine c/w Foam Nozzle 4.49 5"" RELEASED 
TEA 1372647BFire Engine c/w Turntable Ladder 4.49 6"" RELEASED 
TEA 1372649City Rescue Set 4.99 1:64 RELEASED 
TEA 1372650Air Sea Rescue - Heli / Boat / 4x4 & Accs 5.99 ~1:43 RELEASED 
TEA 1372826Motorhome 4.99 13CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1372827CMobile Crane 3.99 165MM RELEASED 
TEA 1372827MConcrete Mixer 3.99 165MM RELEASED 
TEA 1372829Car Transporter c/w 3 Cars 5.99 275MM RELEASED 
TEA 1372847Tractor Transporter 7.99 1:60 APPROX RELEASED 
TEA 1373060ATractor and Milk Tanker 2.49 16CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373060BTractor and Tipping Trailer 2.49 16CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373066AStretch Limo - Black (Light & Sound) 3.99 17CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373066BStretch Limo - White (Light & Sound) 3.99 17CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373066CStretch Limo - Grey Met (Light & Sound) 3.99 17CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373145A4 x 4 (Defender) and Animal Trailer 2.49 16CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373145B4 x 4 (Defender) and Horse Box 2.49 16CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 13731465 Pce Farm Set Tractor, L/Rover, trailers  4.99 8CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373147Transporter c/w 2 Tractors 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
 TEA 1373274BLandrover Discovery (Blue) with caravan 5.99 28CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373274RLandrover Discovery (red) with caravan 5.99 28CM LONG RI JUL 19 
TEA 1373274SLandrover Discovery (silver) with caravan 5.99 28CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 13732754x4 & Horsebox 5.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1373566BTractor (blue) + tank + figures 2.99 12CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373566GTractor (green) + trailer + figures 2.99 12CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373566HLandrover Defender + horsebox + figures 2.99 12CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373566SLandrover Defender + sheep trail + figures 2.99 12CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373570JCB Construction Series 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1373616LFire engine with ladders on roof (with sound) 5.49 14CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373616TFire engine with turntable ladder (with sound) 5.49 14CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373618FEmergency Fire Helicopter transporter + ca 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373618PEmergency Police Helicopter transporter + 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373618REmergency Rescue Helicopter transporter + 4.99 25CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373619FCity Rescue 'Fire' 4 pce set 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1373619PCity Rescue 'Police' 4 pce set 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1373619RCity Rescue 'Rescue' 4 pce set 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1373620Ice Cream Van 5.49 14CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA 1373621Car transporter with 3 cars 4.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1373624Air Sea Rescue 3 pce set (large) 7.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 13741044"" Load & Go  5.49 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1374266Sea Cruiser Transporter 5.99 5"" RELEASED 
TEA 1377001Container Truck Die-Cast Assorted 2.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 1377009Heavy Engine Transport 6.99 N/A RELEASED 
TEA 14159895 pce Car Asst 4.49 1:64 RELEASED 
TEA 1416210Street Machines (like Hot Wheels) 24pce counter display assortment 1.29 6CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA TP268GTractor (green), trailer with bale load  4.99 28CM LONG RELEASED 
TEA TP268RTractor (red), trailer with bale load  4.99 28CM LONG RELEASED 

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