Badger Airbrushes Price list


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
BAD 1000Air Compressor For Badger Airbrush 110.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1001Side Feed Fine Head 100 Airbrush 119.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1003Gravity Feed Fine Head 100 Airbrush, Mediu  145.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 10032Gravity Feed Medium Head 100 Airbrush, Med  145.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1005Gravity Feed Fine Head 100 Airbrush, Large  155.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1006Gravity Feed Medium Head 100 Airbrush, Lar  155.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1008Gravity Feed Fine Head 100 Airbrush, Fluid  135.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1051Patriot Airbrush Set - Clam Shell Pack 119.99 N/A RELEASED 
 BAD 105XTRXtreme Patriot 105 Airbrush 189.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1100Air Compressor With Airtank For Badger Air 144.95 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1501Siphon Feed 150 Airbrush, Medium Head - Ac  119.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1502Siphon Feed 150 Airbrush, Fine Head  145.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1505150 Professional Set, Fine, Medium & Large  210.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1551155 Anthem Airbrush Set - Clam Shell Pack 155.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1557155 Anthem With Braided Hose, 2 Small 1 La  175.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1559155 Anthem With Jars, Color Cup, Extra Tip  199.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1751Siphon Feed Crescendo Airbrush, Fine Head  155.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1752Siphon Feed Crescendo Airbrush, Medium Hea  155.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1753Siphon Feed Crescendo Airbrush, Large Head  155.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1757Siphon Feed Crescendo Airbrush Fine, Med &  179.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 1759Model 175 Crescendo With Jars, Color Cup,  195.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 200Airbrush Cleaner 200Ml 4.99 200ML RELEASED 
BAD 2003Siphon Feed 200 Airbrush, With Propel, Jar  89.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 2009Gravity Feed 200 Airbrush - Fine 94.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 2020FLg. Gravity Feed Dual Action Sotar Airbrus 199.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 2020MGravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush - Medium 159.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 2502Basic Spray Gun With Clam Shell Pack, Regu  22.50 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 2503Basic Spray Gun Set With Propel, Jar, Regu  32.50 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 2504Mini Spray Gun Set With Hose & Regulator 56.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 2601Abrasive Gun, Hose, Mask, Abrasive  59.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 300Can Propel, Small, 300Ml  4.99 300ML RELEASED 
BAD 3509Siphon Feed 350 Airbrush Set, Medium Head,  54.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 3601360 Universal Airbrush, 2Ea. 3/4Oz. Jars,  179.99 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 500Case Propel, Medium 500Ml  5.99 500ML RELEASED 
BAD 50025Siphon Tube 2"" (For 50208/50308)  1.85 N/A RELEASED 
BAD 750Can Propel, Large, 750Ml  6.99 750ML RELEASED 
BAD R1VVelocity Gravity Feed Airbrush W/ Spray Re 145.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD R2SSpirit Side Feed Airbrush W/ Spray Reg. 195.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD R3RRage Bottom Feed Airbrush W/ Spray Reg. Ac 135.00 N/A RELEASED 
BAD RK1Renegade Krome Airbrush Kit Acrylic Box 159.99 N/A RELEASED 

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