Thomas & Friends Thomas - Metal


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
FIS BCW92Gator (Tales of the Brave)(Thomas The Tank 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS BCW96Scrap Heap Monster (Thomas The Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS BCX23Roaring Dino Run (Thomas The Tank) 38.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS BHW31Duncan (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL 
FIS BHW43Samson (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL 
FIS CBL76Percy (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CBL78Salty (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CBL82Diesel (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL 
FIS CBL87Diesel 10 (Thomas The Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CBL89Ferdinand (Thomas The Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL 
FIS CBN31Edward (Thomas The Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CCJ89Luke (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CCK01Harvey (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CCK21Busy Bee James (Thomas The Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CDV06Scruff (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CGT02Skiff (Thomas the Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CGT03Ryan (Thomas the Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL 
FIS CGT11Mike (Thomas the Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS CGT12Rex (Thomas the Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS DGF43Philip (Thomas the Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL 
FIS DGF59Oliver (Thomas the Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS DGF78Bert (Thomas the Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS DGF82Shooting Star Gordon (Thomas the Tank) 8.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS DGF89Sodor's Green Team (Thomas the Tank) 16.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS DJD84Winston (Thomas the Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS DLR76Racing Ivan (Thomas the Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS DLR77Racing Raul (Thomas the Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS DRV83Hybrid Bertie (Thomas the Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL2 
FIS T4198Captain (Thomas The Tank) 6.99 N/A WSL 
RAC 76003Percy (Thomas The Tank) (Metal) (WSL2) 5.49 METAL WSL2 

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