Plastic Soldier Company Price List


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
PLA BGK007Battlegroup Barbarossa 25.00 N/A RELEASED 
 PLA BGK009Battlegroup Blitzkrieg 25.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK019Early German Datacards 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK020Late German Datacards 5.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK021British Datacards 5.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK022US Datacards 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK023Russian Datacards 5.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK024French, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian Datacards 3.50 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK025Battlegroup Ruleset (2nd edition) 20.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK026Battlegroup Tobruk 25.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK027Battlegroup Overlord - Beyond the Beaches 16.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK028Battlegroup Market Garden 12.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK031Battlegroup Torch 25.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA BGK032Battlegroup Spring Awakening 12.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA LIN001Lincoln by Martin Wallace 40.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA MOD015001Cold War Soviet Infantry (Cold War) 22.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA MODV15001T55 (Cold War) 22.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA MODV15002Leopard 1 (Cold War) 22.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA MODV15003M60A3 (Cold War) 22.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA MODV20001T55 (Cold War) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA PSC004Hold the Line: French Indian Wars Expansion 30.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA PSC005Quartermaster General: 1914 (Reprint) 45.00 N/A RELEASED 
 PLA PSC010Battle of Britain by Richard Borg 60.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA PSCAB15001Late War German Panzer Army 68.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA PSCAB15002Late War British Armoured Division 68.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA PSCAB15003US Tank Company Army 1944 83.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA PSCAB15004Mid/Late War Russian Tank Battalion 83.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA PSCAB15005Mid/Late War Russian Strelkovy Rifle Battalion 83.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA QMG201Quartermaster General: Cold War 50.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RAV001Battle Ravens:Core Game 35.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RAV002Battle Ravens:Norman Army 10.66 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RAV003Battle Ravens:Scottish 10.66 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RAV004Battle Ravens:Welsh 10.66 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RED001Red Alert:Space Fleet Warfare Game 99.95 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RED002Red Alert:Vice Admiral Escalation Pack 18.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RED003Red Alert:Carrier Escalation Pack 18.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RED004Red Alert:Dreadnought Escalation Pack 18.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RED005Red Alert:Logistics + Space Platform Escalation Pack 20.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RED006Red Alert:Space Rift Escalation Pack 13.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA RED007Red Alert:Meteor Storm 13.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA SAR20001Large Factory 35.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20002Russian Village House 1 9.50 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20003Chateau 20.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20004Farmhouse 12.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20005Destroyed Farmhouse 12.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20006Russian Village House 2 6.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20007Russian Barn 4.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20008Russian Church 16.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20009Destroyed Chateau 20.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20010Destroyed Large Factory 30.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20011Terraced House 8.50 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20012Destroyed Terrace House 8.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20013End of Terrace Cafe 15.50 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20014Bombed Out House 8.50 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20015Two Story North African House 10.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20016Destroyed Two Story North African House 10.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20017Compound & House 15.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20018Destroyed Compound & House (N287) 15.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20019North Africa Colonial Small House 7.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20020North Africa Colonial Small House 7.50 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20021North Africa Colonial Administration Building/Hotel 18.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20022North Africa Colonial Admin Building Hotel Destroy 18.00 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20023Single Storey Souk Building 17.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20024Single Storey Souk Building Destroyed 17.50 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA SAR20025Two Storey Souk Building 25.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20026Sarissa Two Storey Souk Building Destroyed 25.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20027North Africa Colonial Large Single Storey Building 15.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20028North Africa Colonial Large Single Storey Building Destroyed 15.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA SAR20029North Africa Colonial Large Two Storey Building 20.00 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA TGW019Commands and Colours The Great War: Whippet Tanks 16.50 N/A RELEASED 
PLA TGW020Commands and Colours The Great War: Tank Expansion 39.95 N/A RELEASED 
PLA TGW025Commands and Colours The Great War: French Expansion 45.00 N/A RELEASED 
PLA TGW026Commands and Colours WW1 Board Game: The Great War (New Centenary Edition) 69.95 N/A RELEASED 
PLA TGW027Commands and Colours The Great War: French Tanks 16.50 N/A RELEASED 
PLA WW2015001Russian Infantry in Summer Dress 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015002Late War German Infantry 1943-45 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015003Late War British Infantry 1944-45 22.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015004Russian Heavy Weapons 17.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015005Late War German Heavy Weapons 17.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015006American Infantry 1944-45 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015007American Heavy Weapons 1944-45 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015008Early War German Infantry 1939-42 22.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015009Early War German Heavy Weapons 1939-42 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015010Late War British Heavy Weapons 1944-45 17.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015011German Grenadiers in Normandy '44 22.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015012German Grenadiers in Normandy Heavy Weapon 17.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015013German Falschirmjaeger 22.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015014German Falschirmjaeger Heavy Weapons 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015015British Paratroopers 22.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015016British Paratroopers Heavy Weapons 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2020001Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020002Late War British Infantry 1944-45 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020003Late War German Infantry 1943-45 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020004Russian Heavy Weapons 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020005Late War German Heavy Weapons 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020006American Infantry 1944-45 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020007US Heavy Weapons 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2028001Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform 19.95 28MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2028002Russian Heavy Weapons 18.50 28MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15001Russian 45mm Anti Tank Gun 17.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15002Russian Zis 2 and 3 Anti Tank/Field Gun 17.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G150036 pdr and Loyd Carrier 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15004Pak 40 and Raupenschlepper Ost 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15005British 25pdr and Morris Quad Tractor 22.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15006British 25pdr and CMP Quad Tractor 22.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20001Russian 45mm anti tank gun 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20002Russian Zis 2 and 3 Anti Tank/Field Gun 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20003German Pak 38 Anti Tank Gun 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G200046 pdr and Lloyd carrier 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20005Pak 40 and Raupenschlepper Ost 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20006British 25pdr and Morris Quad Tractor 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20007British 25pdr and CMP Quad Tractor 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G28001Russian 45mm Anti Tank Gun 14.50 28MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15001Russian T34 76/85 Tanks 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15002German Panzer IV Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15003German Sdkfz 251 Ausf C Halftrack (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15004Sherman M4A1 75mmTank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15005German Stug III F8/G Assault Gun (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15006Sherman M4A2 Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15007German Sdkfz 251 Ausf D Halftrack (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15008Sherman M4A1 76mm Wet Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15009German Panzer III F, G and H Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15010German Panzer III J, L. M and N Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15011Sherman M4A4 and Firefly Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15012German Panther Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15013German Sdkfz 251/D Conversion kit (Easy Assembly) 18.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15014Sherman M4A3 (Late) Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15016M3 Halftrack 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15017German Tiger I Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15019Russian T70 Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15020M5 Halftrack 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15021Stuart M5 Tank (Easy Assembly) 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15022Cromwell Tank 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15023Churchill Tank 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15024IS2 Tank 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15025Pz 38T and Marder Variants 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15026German Medium Trucks 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15027German Stowage and Tank Commanders 14.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15028German SdKfz 250 alte Halftrack 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15029British A9/A10 Cruiser Tank 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15030British and Commonwealth CMP 15 cwt Truck (WW2V15027) 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15031German SdKfz 231 8 Rad Heavy Armoured Car 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15032British and Commonwealth Universal Carrier 18.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15033Stuart Honey 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15034British Valentine Tank 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15035Sexton Self Propelled Gun 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15036Russian SU76 Self Propelled Gun 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15037German Steyr Heavy Car 20.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20001T34 76/85 (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20002German Panzer IV Tank (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20003German Sdkfz 251/C Halftrack (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20004Sherman M4A1 75mm Tank (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20005Sherman M4A1 76mm Wet Tank (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20006German Sdkfz 251 Ausf D Half Track (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20007British Universal Carrier 18.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20008Stug IIIG Assault Gun 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20009Russian T70 Tank 18.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20010Panzer III G,H  19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20011Panther Ausf A with Zimmerit 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20012M3 Halftrack 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20013M5 Halftrack 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20014Stuart M5 Tank (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20015Sherman M4A4/Firefly 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20016German Sdkfz 251/D Variants kit 22.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20017Churchill Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20018German Panzer III J, L. M and N Tank (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20019German 38T and Marder Variants 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20020German Medium Trucks 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20021German Stowage and Tank Commanders 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20022250 Alte Halftrack 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20023A9/A10 Cruiser 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20024British and Commonwealth CMP 15 cwt Truck 17.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20025German SdKfz 231 8 Rad Heavy Armoured Car 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20026Allied Stuart 1 Honey + M3 Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20027British Cromwell Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20028British Valentine Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20029Allied Sexton Self Propelled Artillery 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20030Russian SU 76 Self Propelled Artillery 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V200323 x Tiger I tanks - each can be Early/Mid/ /Late - each with 3 crew figures & stowage 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V200337 x British Universal Carrier models + 35 crew figs/3""Mortar/Obsv Post/2""Mortar+More 31.95 15MM RELEASED 

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