Plastic Soldier Company Price List


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
PLA B001Mixed Size Plastic Bases 6.50 15MM RELEASED 
 PLA PSCAB1500115mm Late War German Panzer Army 59.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA PSCAB1500215mm Late War British Armoured Division 59.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA PSCAB1500315mm US Tank Company Army 1944 75.00 15MM RELEASED 
 PLA PSCAB1500415mm Mid/Late War Russian Tank Battalion 75.00 15MM RELEASED 
 PLA PSCAB1500515mm Mid/Late War Russian Strelkovy Riflen 75.00 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015001Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform 18.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015002Late War German Infantry 1943-45 18.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW201500315mm Late War British Infantry 1944/45 21.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015004Russian Heavy Weapons 16.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015005Late War German Heavy Weapons 16.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015006American Infantry 1944-45 18.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015007US Infantry Heavy Weapons Support Set 18.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015008German Infantry 1939-42 21.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015009Early War German Heavy Weapons 1939-42 18.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015010Late War British Heavy Weapons 1944-45 16.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2015011German Grenadiers in Normandy 1944 21.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW201501215mm German Grenadiers in Normandy Heavy s 16.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW201501315mm Late War German Fallschirmjager 21.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW201501415mm German Falschirmjaeger Heavy Weapons 18.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2020001Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020002Late War British Infantry 1944-45 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020003German Infantry 1943-45 Late War 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020004Russian Heavy Weapons 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020005German Heavy Weapons Late War 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020006American Infantry 1944-45 12.50 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2020007US Heavy Weapons 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW202800128mm Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform 19.95 28mm RELEASED 
PLA WW202800228mm Russian Heavy Weapons 18.50 28mm RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15001Russian 45mm Anti Tank Gun (15mm) 16.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15002Russian Zis 2 and 3 anti tank/field gun 16.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G150036pdr and Lloyd Carrier (15mm) 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15004Pak 40 and Raupenschlepper Ost (15mm) 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15005British 25pdr and Morris Quad Tractor 21.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G15006British 25pdr and CMP Quad Tractor 21.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20001Russian 45mm anti tank gun 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20002Russian Zis 2 and 3 anti tank/field gun 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20003German Pak 38 Anti Tank Gun 14.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G200046 pdr and Lloyd carrier 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G20005Pak 40 and Raupenschlepper Ost 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2G20006British 25pdr and Morris Quad Tractor 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2G20007British 25pdr and CMP Quad Tractor 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2G2800128mm Russian 45mm Anti Tank Gun 14.50 28mm RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15001Russian T34 76/85 Tanks 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15002German Panzer IV Tank 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15003German Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C Half track 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15004Sherman M4A1 75mm Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15005German Stug III F8/G Assault Gun 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15006Sherman M4A2 Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15007German Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.D Half track 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15008Sherman M4A1 76mm Wet Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15009German Panzer III F, G and H Tank  19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15010Panzer III J, L, M & N  19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15011Sherman M4A4 and Firefly Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15012German Panther Tank 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15013German Sd.Kfz.251/D Conversion kit 16.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15014Sherman M4A3 (Late) Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V1501515mm Easy Assembly Sherman M4A3E8 Easy Eik 0.00 15MM TBA 2016 
PLA WW2V15016US M3 Halftrack 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15017German Tiger I Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V1501815mm Easy Assembly Russian KV1, KV2, KV1sk  0.00 15MM TBA 2016 
PLA WW2V15019Russian T70 Tank 17.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15020US M5 Halftrack 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15021Stuart M5A1 Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15022Cromwell Tank (5 kits in Box) 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15023British Churchill Tank x 5 19.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15024IS2 Tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15025Panzer 38t & Marder Variants 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V1502615mm German Medium Trucks 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V1502715mm German Stowage and Tank Commanders 12.95 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V15028Sd.Kfz.250 'Alte' Halftrack 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V1502915mm British A9/A10 Cruiser tank 19.50 15MM RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20001Easy Assembly T34 76/85 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20002German Panzer IV Tank (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20003German Sdkfz 251/C Halftrack Easy Assembly 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20004Easy Assembly Sherman M4A1 75mm Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20005Easy Assembly Sherman M4A1 76mm Wet Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20006German Sdkfz 251 Ausf D Half Track (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20007British Universal Carrier 18.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20008Stug IIIG Assault Gun 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20009Russian T70 Tank 18.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20010Panzer III G,H  19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20011Panther Ausf A with Zimmerit 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20012M3 Halftrack 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20013M5 Halftrack 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20014Easy Assembly Stuart M5 Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20015Sherman M4A4/Firefly 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20016German Sdkfz 251/D Variants kit 22.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20017Churchill Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20018German Panzer III J, L. M and N Tank (Easy Assembly) 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20019German 38T and Marder Variants 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V20020German Medium Trucks 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20021German Stowage and Tank Commanders 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20022250 Alte Halftrack 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
PLA WW2V20023A9/A10 Cruiser 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V20024British and Commonwealth CMP 15 cwt Truck 17.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V20025German SdKfz 231 8 Rad Heavy Armoured Car 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V20026Allied Stuart 1 Honey + M3 Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V20027British Cromwell Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V20028British Valentine Tank 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V20029Allied Sexton Self Propelled Artillery 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 
 PLA WW2V20030Russian SU 76 Self Propelled Artillery 19.95 1:72 RELEASED 

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