Busch Narrow Gauge


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
BUS 12004Narrow Gauge Start Set - Transport Train 173.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12008Feldbahn set - Cattle transport 173.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12111Gmeinder 15/18 Narrow Gauge loco Red/White 86.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12112Diesel loco in Blue paperworks livery 86.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12117Rusty loco and 2 rusty tippers 104.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12118Breakdown train 108.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12120Narrow Gauge Diesel Loco LKM Ns 2f 88.50 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122102 x flat wagons with Stakes 17.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122122 x flat wagons with bales 20.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12220Large tank wagon on two bogies 22.10 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12223Bogie wagon with paper rolls 22.10 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122412 x wagons - company annual outing 20.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12376 Fern bunches - prebuilt 9.50 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 5005Scenic Passenger Train 181.70 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5010Yellow Mine Locomotive 85.50 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5012Mine Locomotive (Ute) 86.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5013Mine Locomotive (Christiane) 86.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5014Narrow gauge loco B360 orange 86.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5015Narrow gauge loco B360 white 86.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50203 x Yellow Tipper Wagons 23.80 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50282 x Mannschaftswagen 19.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5030Dummy Narrow gauge loco B360 yellow 17.20 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5091Metal Plates 9.00 HOf RELEASED 
 BUS 8070Narrow gauge railway starter set non-motor 39.40 HOF RELEASED 

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