Busch Narrow Gauge


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
BUS 12000Narrow gauge train starter set with hoppes 188.70 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12001Narrow gauge train set with peat wagons 173.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12003Narrow Gauge Start Set - Timber 179.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12004Narrow Gauge Start Set - Transport Train 173.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12006Feldbahn set - Loco with 3 tipper wagons 179.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12008Feldbahn set - Cattle transport 173.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12010Feldbahn set - Mineral tipper set 193.70 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12011Narrow gauge railway starter set c/w steam 189.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12110Diesel Loco with cab 15/18 Narrow gauge 89.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12111Gmeinder 15/18 Narrow Gauge loco Red/White 86.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12112Diesel loco in Blue paperworks livery 86.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12113Diesel Loco Gmeinder 15/18 Green 89.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12115Diesel loco open cab 15/18 Narrow gauge 89.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12117Rusty loco and 2 rusty tippers 104.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12118Breakdown train 108.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12119Narrow Gauge Train Set - Fire train 104.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 1212Hay Bundle Set 8.80 HO RELEASED 
BUS 12120Narrow Gauge Diesel Loco LKM Ns 2f 88.50 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12121Diesel loco - black with red detail 91.80 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12122Diesel loco LKM Ns 2f Blue and red 91.80 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12125Narrow Gauge Diesel Loco LKM Ns 2f cabless 91.80 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12130Diesel loco Deutz OMZ 122 F Green 91.80 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12131Diesel locomotive type Deutz OMZ 122 F. 91.80 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12132Diesel locomotive type Deutz OMZ 122 F. 91.80 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12140NG Steam Loco Decauville Type 3 119.10 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12141NG Steam Loco Decauville Frankfurt 119.10 HOF 2017 
 BUS 12190NG Box wagon 86.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12199Narrow Gauge chassis with motor 66.50 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 1220Dandelions 6.90 HO RELEASED 
BUS 122002 x Dumper wagons 19.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122012 x Peat transport wagons 19.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122022 x Personnel wagons 19.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122032 x Brick trolleys 21.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122042 x Open wagons with barriers 17.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122052 x flat wagons (one with oil drums) 19.00 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122062 x Open wagons with barriers 17.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122072 wagons with crate load. CCCP 20.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122082 x Wagons with calble drums 21.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122092 x Wagons with bombs 21.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122102 x flat wagons with Stakes 17.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122112 x flat wagons with logs 20.70 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122122 x flat wagons with bales 20.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122132 x Flat wagons with paper rolls 20.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122142 cattle wagons 20.70 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122152 rusty tipper wagons 20.70 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122162 tipper wagons 19.80 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122172 flat wagons engineering team 19.80 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12220Large tank wagon on two bogies 22.10 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12221Wagon with timber load 22.10 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12222Bolster wagon with timber load 22.10 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12223Bogie wagon with paper rolls 22.10 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12230Wood planked Box car 19.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12231Guards wagon - Green 21.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12232Guards wagon - Blue 21.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122402 Track maintenance wagons with equipment 26.50 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 122412 x wagons - company annual outing 20.30 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12245NG Wagon on bogies 26.50 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12246NG Low sided wagon 26.50 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12247NG Wagon on bogies c/w log load. 28.70 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12250NG Lanz locomobile on flat wagon 26.50 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12295Bolster wagon set 15.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12299HOf Metal wheel set 11.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123011 x Straight Track 33.3mm 6.00 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123032 x Straight Track 66.6mm 11.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123052 x Straight Track 133.2mm 15.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123061 x Feeder Straight Track 133.2mm 8.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123222 x Curved Track 115mm 22? 10.70 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123232 x Curved Track 115mm 45? 11.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123322 x Curved Track 175mm 22? 11.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12340Feldbahn 90 Crossing 22.10 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123411 x Left Hand Point 66.6mm 175mm 22.5? 27.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123421 x Right Hand Point 66.6mm 175mm 22.5? 27.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12361Narrow gauge Tillig adaptor 85532 5.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12362Narrow gauge Tillig adaptor 85531 5.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123673 x Buffer Stops 6.00 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12369Narrow gauge 20 isolated fishplates 4.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12380Narrow gauge loco shed kit 17.20 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12381Decrepid loco shed 19.50 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12382Corrugated Shed and Store 17.99 HO NEW 2017 
BUS 123852 straight bridges 133mm 14mm high 14.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123862 curved bridges 115mm rad 45deg 14.30 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123875 bridge ramp pillars 12.50 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 123883 high bridge pillars 11.60 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12389Unloading station high level kit 17.20 HOF RELEASED 
 BUS 12390Digital decoder for narrow gauge system 83.80 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 12399High quality synthetic lubricant 7g 15.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 1805Digital Coach Internal Lighting set 18.50 HO RELEASED 
BUS 5000Mine Start Set 168.90 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5005Scenic Passenger Train 181.70 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5010Yellow Mine Locomotive 85.50 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5011Grey Mine Loco B 360 86.40 HOF RELEASED 
BUS 5012Mine Locomotive (Ute) 86.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5013Mine Locomotive (Christiane) 86.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5014Narrow gauge loco B360 orange 86.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5015Narrow gauge loco B360 white 86.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50203 x Yellow Tipper Wagons 23.80 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50213 x Tipper Wagons 23.80 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50222 x Tipper Wagons 19.80 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5025Flat Wagons With Wooden Logs (2) 23.80 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50262 x Yellow Personnel Carriers 19.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50272 x Blue Personnel Carriers 19.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50282 x Mannschaftswagen 19.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5030Dummy Narrow gauge loco B360 yellow 17.20 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 50901.5v Battery Case With Power Switch 12.40 HOf RELEASED 
BUS 5091Metal Plates 9.00 HOf RELEASED 

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