Busch O / G Scale


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
BUS 10000O Railway station platform 446x61mm 44.80 RELEASED 
BUS 10001O Train Platform widening 397x61mm 44.80 RELEASED 
BUS 10005O Railway station kit 147.70 RELEASED 
 BUS 10020O Signal box kit 168.10 RELEASED 
BUS 10025O Brick water tower kit 87.60 RELEASED 
BUS 10030O Locomotive Shed kit 135.00 RELEASED 
BUS 10050O Freight shed kit 151.80 RELEASED 
BUS 10060O Milk depot kit 114.10 RELEASED 
BUS 10200O Toilet or outhouse kit 24.90 RELEASED 
BUS 10202O line side phone cabin 24.90 RELEASED 
BUS 10204O Transformer house kit 57.00 RELEASED 
BUS 10220O Wooden bridge kit 29.50 RELEASED 
BUS 10221O Raised Hide for bird watchers 38.70 RELEASED 
BUS 10240O Wooden Pale Fence 195mm 29.50 RELEASED 
BUS 10241O Wooden Garden Fence 195mm 29.50 RELEASED 
BUS 10242O Old broken fence 195mm 36.60 RELEASED 
BUS 10251O Information board kit 20.40 RELEASED 
BUS 10259O Mile posts 22.40 RELEASED 
BUS 10260Sack Barrow with Wooden Boxes 20.40 RELEASED 
BUS 10261Wooden Cart 23.90 RELEASED 
BUS 10500O Ballast 600ml 4.30 RELEASED 
BUS 10520Flint Gravel 4.30 RELEASED 
BUS 10550O 18 Sunflower plants kit 7.50 RELEASED 
BUS 10620O Deciduous tree 270mm 13.80 RELEASED 
BUS 10621O Deciduous tree dark green 320mm 15.20 RELEASED 
BUS 10800O Street lamp on wooden pole 180mm high 22.80 RELEASED 
BUS 10802O Lamp on lattice steel post 205mm 29.50 RELEASED 
BUS 8601Tree (G Scale) 14.20 RELEASED 
BUS 8602Tree (G Scale) 16.20 RELEASED 
BUS 8605I/G Pine Trees 205mm 12.40 RELEASED 
BUS 8607G Spruce/pine Tree 220mm 12.40 RELEASED 
BUS 8608G Spruce/pine Trees 280mm 9.99 RELEASED 
BUS 8610I/G Two Tunnels Portals 21.40 RELEASED 
BUS 86121/G 2 Stone Walls 16.50 RELEASED 
BUS 86151/G 5 Pallets 8.00 RELEASED 
BUS 8620I/G (2) Oldtime Lanterns Working 22.00 RELEASED 
BUS 8621Gauge 1/G Green Gas Lamps 22.00 RELEASED 
BUS 8624Gauge 1/G Christmas Trees & Lights 31.10 RELEASED 
BUS 86251/G 2 Crossing Signal Lights 28.70 RELEASED 

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