Hornby Domestic & Track etc - Price list


 Ref NoDescriptionRRP
ScaleDue Date
HOR P9000Power Unit 21.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR P9300Digital 4 Amp Multi-Purpose Transformer 44.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R044Point Motor Passing Contact Switch Black 11.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R046Two Way Lever Switch On/Off Yellow 11.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R047On/Off Lever Switch Green 11.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R083Buffer Stop 2.59 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R169Junction Home Signal 16.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R170Junction Distant Signal 16.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R171Single Home Signal 12.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R172Single Distant Signal 12.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R207Track Pins 3.29 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R3447LNER 4-6-0 'Kilverstone Hall' B17 Class 159.99 1:76 WSL 
HOR R406Colour Light Signal 30.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R514Island Pier Canopy 15.99 1:76 WSL 
HOR R574Trackside Accessory Pack 17.99 1:76 RELEASED 
HOR R600Straight Track 2.19 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R601Double Straight 2.59 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R602Power Clip 2.79 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R603Long Straight 4.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R604Curve 1st Radius 2.59 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R605Double Curve 1st Radius 3.29 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R606Curve 2nd Radius 2.19 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R607Double Curve 2nd Radius 3.29 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R608Curve 3rd Radius 2.59 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R609Double Curve 3rd Radius 3.29 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R610Quarter Straight 1.59 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R614Diamond Crossing L/H 13.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R615Diamond Crossing R/H 13.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R617Uncoupling Ramp 3.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R618Double Isolating Track 9.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R620Railer/Uncoupler 6.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R621Flexible Track (970 mm) 4.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R626Pack of 4 Underlay Sheets 6.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R6281/2 Curve Large Radius (33'') 2.79 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R636Double Level Crossing 28.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R638Roll of Underlay 15.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R6431/2 Curve 2nd Radius 2.29 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R645Single Track Level Crossing 18.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8012HM 2000 Controller 116.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8014Point Motor 9.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8015Point Motor Housing (Adaptor Base) 6.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8072L/H Point 11.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8073R/H Point 11.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8074L/H Curved Point 18.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8075R/H Curved Point 18.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8076Y Point 13.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8077L/H Express Point 18.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8078R/H Express Point 18.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8090Semi-Flexible Track (915 mm) 4.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8156Track Plans Book 9.99 N/A RELEASED 
HOR R8201Track Link Wire Pack 8.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8206Power Track 8.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8213DCC Basic Unit - ""Select""  121.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8214DCC Senior Unit - ""Elite""  264.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8217TrakMat 18.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8221Extension Pack A 18.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8222Extension Pack B 32.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8223Extension Pack C 30.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8224Extension Pack D 48.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8225Extension Pack E 21.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8226Extension Pack F 30.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8232DCC Electro Power Clips (Pk20) 6.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8241Digital Power Track 168mm 8.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8242Digital Power Connecting Clip 5.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8243Surface Mounted Point Motor 9.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8244Uncoupler Unit 3.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8245Sapphire Decoder 42.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8247Points/Accessory Decoder 48.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8249Loco Decoder V1.3 NMRA Compliant 20.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8250Train Controller 32.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R82614th Radius Curve Small 2.79 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8262Double 4th Radius Curve Large 3.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R826414.1mm 2 Hole Coach Wheels (Pk 10) 16.99 1:76 RELEASED 
HOR R8312e-LINK + Railmaster + 1 amp Transformer 100.99 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R8544Stone Tunnel Portal Side Walling 12.99 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8697Hopper Gantry 6.49 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8734Coal drop ramp 2 9.99 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8736Coal Drop Overshoot & Steps 9.99 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8845Foliage Late Fall Medium (WSL) 3.49 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8870Blended Turfs Early Fall Medium (WSL) 3.49 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8873Ground Cover Turfs Soil Fine (WSL) 3.49 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8901Trees Chile Pine 2 1/2"" 3 Pack (WSL)  7.99 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8944Starter Tree Kit Sycamore 3""-4"" (WSL)  10.49 1:76 WSL 
HOR R8950SkaleLighting Fuses x 4 3.99 1:76 WSL 
HOR R910Fishplates (Pack 12) 3.29 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R920Insulated Fishplates (Pack 12) 2.29 HO/OO RELEASED 
HOR R9827The Memorial 7.99 1:76 WSL 
HOR R9833Corner Pub 32.99 1:76 WSL2 

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